Is Family Tree Builder free?

Family tree Builder is a free program that can be downloaded from our website.

There are added features in Family Tree Builder that are only available for MyHeritage members who have upgraded their family site to Premium or PremiumPlus site plan.

These added features include Smart Match Merge, All-in-one chart, unlimited access to our interactive maps, Timeline and Timebook. 

If you would like to download Family Tree Builder (FTB), please click on this link: How do I install Family Tree Builder?

If you are using the basic version of the software and would like to upgrade, click on ‘Premium’ button on the main toolbar to find more information about Premium features available in Family Tree Builder and get an upgrade.

**Please note, Family Tree Builder allows you to add an unlimited number of people to your project, but when you sync the project to your family site you may be asked to upgrade, depending on your family site plan.