What are the different types of family trees I can have?

You can maintain 3 types of family trees that you can have on your Family Site:

1. An Online Tree:

This tree is started directly on your family site. It can be edited and viewed online, in your Family Site. You can choose to let your Site Members edit the tree as well. The information in this tree can be backed up on your computer by exporting a GEDCOM file. Please read the following FAQ to learn how to export GEDCOM file from your family site: Can I export a GEDCOM file of my family tree on my family site?

2. A GEDCOM Tree:
This is basically an online tree, which was not started from scratch. It was either imported from Family Tree Builder, or another genealogy software or website with the GEDCOM file. You can import any standard GEDCOM file to your Family Site - see more details in the following FAQ: How do I upload a GEDCOM file to my family site on MyHeritage? Once imported to the site, it can be edited as an online tree.

3. A Family Tree Builder tree:

This tree is built using our desktop software – Family Tree Builder (FTB). You can download FTB for free from here: http://www.myheritage.com/family-tree-builder, install it on your computer and start building your family tree.

With the latest version of our Family Tree Builder 7.0, the sync option allows you to upload your family tree and all information to your family website and edit your tree from both the software and from the online family site (as well as through the mobile app!). Wherever you edit your tree, it will be synced with your website and Family Tree Builder software. For more information about syncing your tree, please read the following article: How do I sync the family tree I created in Family Tree Builder with my online family site?