How do I unlock the Premium features in family Tree Builder?

In order to unlock the Premium features in Family Tree Builder, you must register the program with the email address you were logged in with when you purchased a Premium version of the Family Tree Builder or upgraded your family site to Premium or PremiumPlus subscription plan.

In order to check which email address is currently registered in Family Tree Builder, open the Family Tree Builder software on your computer and click on ‘Sync (publishing)’ button on the upper menu bar.  Then click on ‘My sites’.

In the window that opens, you will see ‘You are currently signed in as: [EMAIL ADDRESS]’.  This is the email address that you are currently logged in with.

If you would like to change the registration details, click on ‘Log in as a different member’.

When you have registered the program and unlocked the Premium features you will see ‘Premium’ in the upper left hand corner of the screen.

Please note: if you sync your family tree with a family site which is not Premium or PremiumPlus, you may be prompted to upgrade again EVEN IF YOU ARE ALREADY A PREMIUM MEMBER. Please make sure you are syncing your tree with the correct site by reading this FAQ article:  How do I make sure that I am syncing my tree with the correct site?

If you are using a basic version of the software and would like to upgrade, click on ‘Premium’ button on the main toolbar to find more information about Premium features available in Family Tree Builder and get an upgrade.