How do I sign up to MyHeritage?

Signing up to MyHeritage is easy and free and it will allow you to start building your family tree, search billions of global historical records and order DNA tests for you and family members.

MyHeritage is available on three different platforms from which you can sign up and start your family tree in a few easy steps.

1. To sign up from the MyHeritage site, please visit the page:

Fill in the details and click on ‘Get started’

For further instructions from this point on, please read: How do I create my family tree on MyHeritage?


2. To sign up from Family Tree Builder, our genealogy software, first download it for free to your computer from the following page:

Once installed on your computer, a small window will pop up prompting you to sign up. Fill in the details and click on ‘Next’:


Pick  your country of residence and indicate your phone number (mandatory), then click ‘Get started’.

You will be able to start a new family tree or import an existing one as a GEDCOM file.


3.  To sign up directly from the MyHeritage app, first download it to your mobile device portable from the Google Play store or from the App store depending on the device you use.

Once downloaded, you can either sign up with your email address or with your Facebook account by choosing the relevant option.


Enter your details and tap on 'Get started' to start building your family tree:

Note: By tapping on it, you agree to the MyHeritage Service Terms and Privacy Policy.


Then you will be able to continue growing your family tree through the mobile app and enriching it with photos.