Change password / Email

How do I change my email address and/or password?

To change your email address and/or password, please take the following steps: 1. Log in with your current email address and password. 2. Click on

I forgot my password. What do I do?

Go to, click on 'Log In' in the upper right corner and then click on 'Forgot your password?'. You will receive an email

What should I do if I can't access my account?

If you have trouble logging into your family site, you can generate a new password or update your registered email address. For further instructions,

How can I find my old family site that I no longer have access to?

If you have a family site at MyHeritage but have lost your login details, please contact our support team and provide the following information: - The

When I try to change email to new address it states that it is already taken. Why?

Email addresses can only be used to create one account. If you try to change your email address in your profile at and you get the