How do I bring my family tree information from another genealogy program to MyHeritage?

You can easily import your family tree from another genealogy program into Family Tree Builder. 

We recommend doing it via a GEDCOM file which is the most widely recognized file format standard for creating a family tree. GEDCOM, an acronym for Genealogical Data Communication, is a specification for exchanging genealogical data between different genealogy software. Most genealogy programs and websites recognize this format, which allows you to easily move your tree to the genealogy program of your choice.

** If you need help with exporting your GEDCOM file from® or the Family Tree Maker® software, use one of the following articles: 

How can I export a GEDCOM file from® to bring it to MyHeritage?
How can I export a GEDCOM file from Family Tree Maker® to bring it to MyHeritage?

If you are using another genealogy software or website, look for its Export GEDCOM function and select it, to generate a GEDCOM file from your tree.

Once you have generated a GEDCOM file in the other software or website, please follow the instructions below to import it into Family Tree Builder: 

1. Open Family Tree Builder on your computer.

2. In the upper menu bar, click on the ‘File’ menu and select ‘Import GEDCOM’. 

3. Click ‘Browse’ to select the GEDCOM file that you would like to import.

4.     After selecting the file to import, click on ‘Next’ and the conversion will begin.

5.     When the conversion is done, you will be able to select the language of the project, and name it.

6.     Click on ‘Next’, and the file will be imported into your Family Tree Builder software.

Note 1: 

If you would like to import your GEDCOM file directly to the online family site on MyHeritage, use the instructions described here: How do I upload a GEDCOM file to my family site on MyHeritage?

Note 2: 

If you are not able to export a GEDCOM file from the original software, but you do have an original family tree file you generated before, you can try to import it to Family Tree Builder. For this follow the instructions in the following FAQ: How do I upload the family tree file I generated in another genealogy program to Family Tree Builder?