How do I create my family tree on MyHeritage?

MyHeritage is the world’s fastest-growing destination for families to discover, preserve, and share their history.
With MyHeritage, you can build your family tree, discover fascinating information about your ancestors, organize and preserve your family photos, and connect with new relatives.
Creating your family tree is easy and free.
Go to to fill in details about you and your parents in the registration form and click ‘Get started’.
As the next step, you will be suggested to enter your grandparents’ main details using the quick widget. You will be able to add more information and facts later.
Start by adding your mother's parents and click 'Next'.
** It’s recommended to add as many details as you know, which will let us search fascinating discoveries for you. However, if you don’t have information about any of your grandparents, you can simply click ‘Next’ to proceed.
Then add your father's parents and click ‘Done’.
Congratulations, you have just created your family tree!  


You can grow your family tree by adding all the information you know and use MyHeritage’s groundbreaking tools to make your family history research a wonderful journey and make amazing discoveries.

First, we recommend you clicking on the ‘Home’ tab to add your close family with the help of our intuitive and easy-to-use widget. 

Then you will be able to add new family members using the ‘+’ button directly in your family tree, as described in the following article: How do I add family members to my online tree?

While growing your family tree, take an advantage of other tools MyHeritage developed to help you dig into your family research and preserve your family history for the future generations.
Use MyHeritage research tools and start getting Smart Matches and Record Matches to find new information about your relatives and ancestors.
Stay tuned for more fascinating tools from MyHeritage to discover, preserve and share your family history!