How does the DNA Matching feature affect my privacy?

Your privacy is closely protected on MyHeritage. We have made significant investments to ensure your account and personal details are secured and protected by multiple layers of encryption.

Site webmasters who have uploaded DNA files for themselves or for their family members are able to see the DNA Matching results for themselves and for the people whose DNA results they have uploaded. 

Site members who have uploaded their own DNA files will be able to see the results for themselves only. They can also view the matches if their DNA data has been uploaded by the site webmaster.

DNA data and DNA Matches privacy settings can only be controlled by the person who uploaded the data to MyHeritage. 

You can check the DNA Matching privacy settings for your profile by following these steps:

1. Log in to MyHeritage.

2. Click on your name in the upper-right corner of the screen and select “My Privacy”.

3. Under “DNA preferences” you will see “Enable DNA Matching”. Here you can apply privacy settings according to your preferences.

By default, users who get DNA matches can view the profile details of the matching people in the family tree. As a site webmaster, you can decide whether you would like to restrict other users who get DNA matches with your family tree from viewing the profile details of the living people in your tree for whom we found DNA matches. 

To do so, please un-check the 'Allow DNA Matches to view profile details of individuals whose DNA data I have uploaded".