Where can I manage my DNA privacy settings?

DNA data and DNA Matches privacy settings can only be controlled by the person who uploaded the DNA data to MyHeritage or the person managing a MyHeritage DNA kit. 
If you have tested your DNA with MyHeritage or uploaded a DNA file from a different provider to your profile, you have the possibility to manage the privacy settings of that DNA data the following way:
1. Log into your family site
2. Click on your name in the upper right corner of the Home page and go to ‘My Privacy’:
3. On ‘My privacy’ page, click on ‘My DNA preferences’ on the left-hand side:
4. By default, DNA Matching is enabled on your family site. If you keep this setting active, the DNA data you have on your site will be matched with other users who have DNA data.
If you don’t want to take part in DNA Matching and wish to disable this setting, uncheck the box and click ‘Save’.
If you enable DNA Matching but don’t want the matches to be able to view your ethnicity results, uncheck the option ‘Allow my DNA matches to view my ethnicity’.
Note that allowing other users to view your ethnicity results can help them determine the quality of the DNA Match they have with you and may be a proof of your potential relationship with this person. 
If you are the manager of the DNA of family members (for example, you uploaded their DNA file into their profile in your tree or activated their MyHeritage DNA kit), you can choose whether the DNA matches for these people will be able to view their profile (full name and profile picture). If you uncheck the box to disable this setting, only the last name will be visible by others.