If my family tree and photos are in SuperSearch, are they protected?

If your data is included in SuperSearch it is automatically protected by settings that keep sensitive information private. You can feel confident that your data is secure, while enjoying the benefits of being a part of SuperSearch, such as Record Matching.

First names, birth dates and other important information about living individuals from the family tree are always hidden, even when viewing records with a full access subscription.

You can always privatize your data in the ‘My Privacy’ menu:

1. Click on your name in the upper right hand corner of the screen.

2. Select ‘My Privacy’. 


3. In ‘My Privacy’ page click on ‘Content’ on the left side of the screen.

4. Change the setting called ‘Include family tree in MyHeritage historical search engines (recommended)’ and review checkboxes next to the photo albums in the end of that page.

If the setting ‘Include family tree in MyHeritage historical search engines (recommended)’ is enabled, the individuals in your family tree who are marked as deceased will be searchable and viewable in MyHeritage SuperSearch and the other genealogical websites in the ‘MyHeritage Website’ Group.

This allows users who are looking for ancestors to find your data and consequently to find you. The details of living people cannot be searched or viewed except for last names only.

Keep this setting enabled if you believe that your family tree may be valuable for other genealogy researchers. Turn it off if you do not want others to find and view any part of your family tree, including deceased people.

If you do not want your photos to be included in Super Search, remove the check boxes next to the photo albums.