What are the privacy options for my family site?

Family sites at MyHeritage.com are automatically protected with privacy settings that prevent guests (non-members) from viewing sensitive information about living family members in family trees, such as first names and email addresses.

In case the default privacy settings are not strict enough for you, the steps below will help you make your site and content private.

It is important to understand what type of audience may visit your family site. There are four possible types of users for any family site:

Webmaster (Site Creator) – this is the person who created the family site and who is the site’s Webmaster (main Site Manager).

Site Manager – this is a family site member, that was promoted by the Webmaster to become a Site Manager to help to manage the family site together with the Webmaster.

Site Members – these are family members and friends that have been invited to the family site, typically with lower privileges but still able to contribute content to the site.

Guests (e.g. the general public) – these are visitors, that are not members or site managers on the family site. Guests are not allowed to add content and the content they are allowed to see is restricted.

You can change your family site privacy settings at any time. In order to do so, please take the following actions:

1. Log into your family site.

2. Click on your name in the upper right-hand side of the screen.

3. Select ‘My Privacy’. 

4. In ‘My Privacy’ page click on ‘My member preferences’ options on the left. This section helps you control what guests can see about your MyHeritage member profile.

5. Click on ‘Access’ section to set whether limited information on your site can be viewed by guests when they visit your family site.

6. Under the ‘Content’ section you can select how your family tree and photos can be searched by other MyHeritage members.


Note: To receive a detailed explanation of all privacy settings, please click on the information icon next to the setting:

If you would like to change settings that allow your site members to edit the family tree online or add content to your family site, please check the following FAQ articles: What privileges do my site members have?