Why do I see my photos on Google?

Google regularly searches and indexes MyHeritage.com just as it does millions of other web sites on the internet. The photos on your family site are also indexed. This means photos on your family site can possibly be searched on Google.

You are under no obligation to allow your photos to be indexed by Google, but there are many benefits to allowing your family site and photos to be searched.

- Your family and friends can easily find you.
- People searching the same surnames can make contact with you.
- A relative you never knew about may see an old family photo and be able to identify people in the photo for you.
MyHeritage.com is meant to be a collaborative family platform that encourages sharing and communication. The best way to advance your family history research is to allow your information to be viewed by other people. Not to mention that it is pretty exciting when someone you didn’t even know was a relative has the chance to get in touch!
Of course, it is your decision if you wish to allow Google to index your photos.
At MyHeritage.com, it is possible to privatize your photo albums so they can only be viewed by your invited family site members. Here are instructions: What are the privacy options for my family site?