Site subscriptions

What do I get with a MyHeritage PremiumPlus subscription?

Get the best MyHeritage has to offer for your family site. A PremiumPlus family site subscription gives you the ultimate boost to your family site as well

What do I get with a MyHeritage Premium subscription?

Give your family site a boost and get special features when you upgrade your family site subscription to Premium. When you upgrade one of your family

What’s the difference between a family site subscription and a data subscription?

A Family Site Subscription (Premium or PremiumPlus) entitles you to increased storage for your online family tree, and special features to boost

How much does a family site upgrade cost?

In order to accurately calculate the price of a family site upgrade, please visit your 'Site Account' page. To reach the 'Site Account',

How do I upgrade my family site subscription?

You can pay for a family site upgrade or for Family Tree Builder with a credit card, check or wire transfer. To upgrade your family site subscription,

Is it possible to pay for the upgrade in monthly payments?

You are welcome to write us an email to, and one of our friendly representatives will contact you to assist you personally.

How do I change my credit card details on my automatically renewing subscription?

The ideal way of changing your credit card information for automatic renewal is on Plimus/Bluesnap – our payment processing providers system. When

Which payment methods can I use to purchase a subscription?

Different payment methods are available for purchasing a subscription on MyHeritage, including credit card, PayPal, check, wire transfer, and more. 1. Log

How can I see when my site upgrade expires?

Information about your family site subscription can be found on the ‘Site Account’ page in ‘Site Settings’. Click on your name in

Where can I see the status of my subscription?

To see the status of a family site or data subscription, including a free trial, log into your account, click on your name in the upper-right corner

What types of subscription does MyHeritage offer?

A Family Site Subscription (Premium or PremiumPlus) entitles you to increased storage for your online family tree, and special features to boost

I upgraded to Premium, why does Family Tree Builder ask me to upgrade again?

If you recently upgraded Family Tree Builder software to Premium, and are still being asked to upgrade every time you sync your tree, please check the

How do I use my discount coupon?

If you have a discount code to get a discount on a subscription you would like to purchase, it should be entered when you select the subscription type and

If I buy a subscription for my family site, do other family members have to pay too?

When you purchase a family site upgrade at MyHeritage, it is for a specific family site. The upgrade will provide you with the ability to add more people

What should I do if I didn't get the upgrade I paid for?

First, we recommend you make sure which type of subscription you have purchased. Read here for more detailed information about the subscription types

If I have upgraded but have run out of room, what do I do?

If you have upgraded your family site, but then find that you run out of room, you can upgrade your family site to the next plan, and you will only