Do I need to have a family tree to get DNA Matches?

Every MyHeritage user can upload their DNA file to their MyHeritage member profile, and get DNA Matches to other MyHeritage users who have uploaded their results.

Family site webmasters can also upload the DNA data of their relatives.

Please note: if you have invited a family member to join your site as a site member, but this person doesn't have a card in the family tree, you will first have to create a person card in the tree and associate this person to the person card. Only then you will be able to upload their DNA data.

Please read the following FAQ to learn how to associate your site members to the  family tree: How do I associate a site member to the family tree on my site?

DNA matches show the possible degree of relationship between two people and their shared DNA data.  

They also show the details from the family tree, enabling you to find missing pieces and use additional information to approve the DNA matches.

If the matching people have been added to the family tree,  it will be possible to view their cards in the family tree through the DNA matches, and trace the relationship more accurately.

If you haven’t created your family tree yet, please read the following article: How do I create my family tree on MyHeritage?