How can I get better DNA Matching results?

Each person inherits different segments from their parents. Thus each person's DNA is different and the overlapping segments of different family members are extremely useful for the DNA Matching results and your genealogical research in general.

We recommend first testing the oldest members of your family to go as far in your research as possible and not to lose precious time in gaining the unique data. We will take care of storing it and helping you use it in order to make new discoveries about your family history.

Export your raw DNA data from the 23andMe, Family Tree DNA, or AncestryDNA  — a quick and simple process — and import this data to MyHeritage. Importing your data will allow you to receive matches immediately. Follow these instructions to export your data and upload it to MyHeritage: How can I upload my autosomal DNA test results?

Please note: different DNA services test different SNP sets. If you have tested your DNA through more than one of the services mentioned above, we recommend uploading all the raw data files to increase the chance for the higher quality DNA Matching results.