How can DNA Matches help my family history research?

DNA Matching is a powerful new service, developed by MyHeritage to help our users find relatives based on their shared genetic sequences. The technology compares data from DNA tests and family trees to identify matches between users that indicate a family relationship.

It allows people who have already tested their DNA through MyHeritage DNA, 23andMe, Family Tree DNA, and AncestryDNA services to enjoy MyHeritage’s exceptional matching capabilities for their family history research, and get greater value from their DNA test results.

With the DNA Matching results you can not only get information about people who share DNA with you, but also see information about the matching family tree, get Smart Matches™ and contact the DNA file uploader for further collaboration to make new fascinating discoveries about your family history.

Upload your DNA data now to get DNA Matches, or buy a MyHeritage DNA kit to get a complete Ethnicity Estimate in addition to DNA Matches!