Can the MyHeritage DNA test prove Jewish ancestry?

Judaism is a religion and not an attribute determinable by a DNA mutation. Therefore, there aren’t any definitive ways to tell for certain if you have Jewish ancestry based on your DNA. However there are a few ways you can determine whether the possibility exists.

First, you may have evidence of Jewish ancestry in your Ethnicity Estimate. The report shows the specific regions that are included in the different Jewish origins that were identified in your DNA, such as Ashkenazi Jewish, Sephardic Jewish (North African), Ethiopian Jewish, Mizrahi Jewish (Iranian/Iraqi), or Yemenite Jewish.

Besides, our DNA Matching feature can give you certain indications about having Jewish ancestry by comparing your raw autosomal DNA against other raw DNA data in our database, uploaded by other MyHeritage users. DNA matches generated may indicate a possible Jewish ancestry and whether you match others who are Jewish.