How do I collect and send back my DNA sample to the lab?

When your DNA kit arrives to your home, you can proceed to activate your kit online, collect your DNA sample, and ship this sample back to our laboratory.

Inside the MyHeritage DNA Kit, you will find the following components:

  • 2 vials
  • 2 swab sticks wrapped in plastic
  • 1 ziplock plastic bag with a cotton pad
  • 1 booklet with instructions on how to use the kit to collect your DNA
  • 1 padded envelope

If one of those parts is missing in the box, please contact our support team for assistance.

If not, here is what you need to do:

Note: For best results, please do not eat, drink, chew gum, or smoke for 1 hour before collecting your sample.



Activate your kit online. Do NOT skip this step. It is necessary to get your results. Visit to activate your kit . Make sure to select the right individual whose DNA will be collected. 


Open the kit by pulling the two sides of the box, and lay out all the components (unopened swabs and vials) on a wide and clean surface.


Remove one of the cheek swabs from its plastic wrapper. Place the head of the swab inside of one your cheeks and scrape up-and-down for 30-60 seconds.


Open one vial and insert the part of the swab stick which you used to scrape your cheek with half way into the vial. Push down firmly on the top of the swab stick until the swab tip is ejected into the vial. 


Close the vial cap tightly.


Now repeat steps 3, 4 and 5: Swab your other cheek with the second swab, eject the swab tip into the second vial, and close its cap tightly.


To ship your DNA sample, place the two vials in the clear plastic bag, close its ziplock and place the bag in the enclosed addressed envelope or another padded envelope that you have. Seal the envelope.

Note: If you have several DNA kits, make sure you put the 1 sample (2 vials) per envelope. 

Mail the envelope at your postage expense to our DNA lab. 

You can also view our instructional video on collecting your DNA sample.

Important: do not put any substance into the vials other than the cheek swabs. Any other human sample such as hair, nails or personal objects will not be processed by the laboratory.