DNA Test

Where can I see my DNA results?

Once your DNA sample has been converted to a raw data file, you will be notified by email that your results are available. Note that in order to obtain

How long will it take until I get DNA test results?

From the moment we receive your DNA sample to our laboratory, you should allow four to six weeks until you obtain results. You will be notified by email

How can I order a MyHeritage DNA test?

To order a MyHeritage DNA kit if you are not registered to MyHeritage, please visit the following page: www.myheritage.com/dna If you are already a

How should I use the DNA kit at home?

Please watch this short video to see how to use the DNA kit and extract a sample of your DNA from a simple cheek swab! How to take a MyHeritage DNA test

How can I upload a DNA file to MyHeritage?

If you have tested your DNA with other autosomal DNA test providers than MyHeritage DNA (FTDNA, AncestryDNA and 23andMe), you can easily upload the DNA

It says in the tracker that the DNA kit I bought was shipped to me, but I still haven't received it. Why?

There are instances where a package is available for pickup at the post office and hasn’t shown up at the intended address. Please contact your

How can I share my DNA results?

If you have tested your DNA and your results are ready, you can now share your Ethnicity Estimate to your family and friends! Simply follow the steps

How can I track my DNA kit?

If you have ordered MyHeritage DNA kit, you have the possibility to track your order from the moment of your purchase. Simply hover your mouse over the

How do I activate my DNA kit?

In order to activate your DNA kit, please visit the page https://www.myheritage.com/dna/activate and follow the steps below: 1. Log in with your usual

How do I download my raw DNA data file from MyHeritage?

To download the raw data file of your MyHeritage DNA test, please follow these instructions: 1. Hover over the DNA tab and go to 'Manage DNA kits':

How is my DNA sample processed in the laboratory?

From the moment DNA samples have been received at our CLIA-certified laboratory in the USA, the first thing we do is verify that they are readable and

How should I interpret my raw DNA data?

We call raw DNA data the information extracted from a DNA sample in our laboratory.  The MyHeritage DNA test produces about 700,000 pieces of data

How long will it take until I receive my DNA kit?

From the moment you placed your order, your kit(s) should be shipped within 1 day. Delivery time depends on your geographical location and postal service.

What should I do if I can’t activate a DNA kit?

If you have trouble activating a DNA kit, please go over the following steps to make sure you are taking the correct actions: 1. First of all, delete the

What kind of results do I get with a MyHeritage DNA test?

Testing your DNA with MyHeritage provides you with two types of results: An Ethnicity Estimate  - a comprehensive breakdown of your unique DNA

How do I collect and send back my DNA sample to the lab?

When your DNA kit arrives to your home, you can proceed to activate your kit online, collect your DNA sample, and ship this sample back to our laboratory.

Where can I find the tracking number of my DNA kit?

To find your tracking number, please log into your online family site and then move your mouse over the DNA tab on your Home page. From the menu that

I am adopted, can the MyHeritage DNA test help me find my parents?

If you don't know your biological parents, DNA matching might help you find them. We will match your autosomal DNA results with the raw DNA test

How much does a DNA test cost?

To check the price for a MyHeritage DNA test, please visit your family site, hover your mouse over the DNA tab and go to ‘Buy a DNA kit’.

How do I re-assign a DNA kit to a family member in my tree?

If you have assigned a DNA kit to the wrong individual, you have the possibility to re-assign the kit the following way: 1. Log into your family site 2.

Can both men and women take the MyHeritage DNA test?

The DNA test offered by MyHeritage is an autosomal DNA test, which analyses the DNA you inherited from your mother and father. Both men and women can take

How do I activate a DNA kit purchased for a family member?

If you have ordered DNA kits for family members, they can either activate their own kit or give you permission to activate their DNA kit for them from the

Is it possible to pay for a DNA kit and send it to someone with a different shipping address?

Yes, you can purchase a DNA kit and enter a different shipping address than your billing address. However, you cannot place an order of several kits and

Do I need to be a registered user at MyHeritage to buy a DNA kit?

If you are not a registered user at MyHeritage, you will be able to create a free account in only a few steps before ordering  a DNA kit. Once

What are the benefits of testing the DNA of other family members?

Each of your family members carries unique pieces of DNA that can together unlock your family’s story. Testing one or both of your parents will

What kind of DNA test does MyHeritage provide?

The MyHeritage DNA kit is an autosomal DNA test for genetic genealogy, designed to discover and identify relatives and ancestors, through DNA matches with

What is the MyHeritage DNA kit?

The MyHeritage DNA kit is an autosomal DNA test for genetic genealogy, designed to discover and identify relatives and ancestors, through DNA matches with

How do I cancel my order of a DNA kit?

If you ordered one or more DNA kits and would like to cancel the order, please contact our Support team. 

Can the MyHeritage DNA test prove Jewish ancestry?

Judaism is a religion and not an attribute determinable by a DNA mutation. Therefore, there aren’t any definitive ways to tell for certain if you

How can I manage several DNA kits?

To manage your DNA kit(s), please do the following: 1. Log into your family site 2. Hover your mouse over the ‘DNA’ tab and click on ‘

What is the connection between DNA and family trees?

DNA and family trees complement each other. DNA can be used to prove or disprove documented family tree connections. For example, if there is another

What can I learn from a DNA test that I wouldn’t otherwise be able to know?

With MyHeritage DNA, you may discover relatives you did not previously know about, who share DNA segments with you inherited from the same common ancestor.

What are the benefits of doing a DNA test from MyHeritage?

Testing your DNA with MyHeritage offers significant benefits even if you have already taken a DNA test elsewhere. You will get unique matches to users who

Can I re-assign a DNA kit that comes from a different DNA provider?

If you have uploaded to MyHeritage a DNA file from a different DNA provider than MyHeritage DNA (such as AncestryDNA, 23andMe or FamilyTreeDNA) to