How do I add Person Discoveries to my family tree?

To see if you have Person Discoveries™ to add to your family tree, please do the following:

1. Hover over the 'Discoveries' tab on your family site and select 'Instant Discoveries™'

The Instant Discoveries™ page gives you a list of Person Discoveries and Photo Discoveries that were found for your family tree. Each Person Discovery in the list allows you to add a group of related people in one click.

The page also tells you the name of the family site the Discovery was found in, who manages it, and their country of residence.

2. To see the people you can add to your family tree in details, click the 'View Discovery' button:

3. Viewing a Discovery will display the match on which it is based, and you will be asked to confirm whether MyHeritage got it right. Click 'Yes' if the person in your tree does seem to you to be the same person in the record found.

If you confirmed, you will then see the additional people that can be added to your tree, along with their names, relationship to your match, and their profile photos.

4. Click 'Add to my tree' to automatically add all this information directly to your family tree! 

The new people added to your tree will have a 'NEW' label above their card for 30 days. 

Please note that unlike Smart Matches, once you added a Person Discovery, you cannot undo it. If you wish you can remove the added individuals manually from your family tree.

You will receive an email notifying you about the Discovery you added.