What happens when I add a Person Discovery?

After applying a Person Discovery, you will be taken to your family tree where a message will summarize what has just taken place:
Your tree will be updated, showing all the new people just added to your tree marked with "NEW" labels. The labels will remain for 30 days and will then go away. 

You can now explore your tree and click on the new entries to view their profiles and see what info you've just gained about each individual. 
You will also begin receiving Smart Matches and Record Matches for those new entries, as well as additional Instant Discoveries™, so your tree will now expand even faster.
Please note: Due to the technical reasons, Instant Discoveries™ will initially be available only for family trees having 25,000 or fewer individuals. After applying a Discovery, your tree will change, and hence new Discoveries will need to be recalculated. Once the recalculation is complete, which may take between a few seconds to 24 hours, MyHeritage will offer you additional Discoveries.