How do I add a Photo Discovery to my family tree?

To add a Photo Discovery, please do the following:

1. Log in to your family site

2. Hover over the ‘Discoveries’ tab and click on ‘Instant Discoveries™’

In the Instant Discoveries page, you will see a list of Person Discoveries (discoveries that can add new individuals to your family tree), and Photo Discoveries (discoveries that can add photos to existing individuals in your tree). To view only Photo Discoveries, click the “Photo Discoveries” filter:


A Photo Discovery includes up to 10 photos that you can add in one click to people’s profiles in your tree.

Photos are sorted according to the degree of relationship between the site manager and the person in the photo.  For example, photos of direct ancestors and close relatives found in different family sites are bundled together and displayed at the top of the list, whereas the photos of more distant relatives will be ranked lower.

3. Click any of the orange ‘View Discovery’ buttons to see the photos included in that Photo Discovery “package,” as shown below.

You will find a list of photos that can be added as profile pictures for different people in your family tree.

For each photo included in a Photo Discovery, you will see the name of the family site that it comes from, and the site manager’s name. You will also see additional information available about the photo, such as its title, date, place, and description, and additional information about the person appearing in it.

Moving the mouse over the site manager’s name will open a callout, from which you may contact that user and communicate directly. This can be used to thank the site manager for the photos and ask if he or she has additional materials to share with you.

On the right-hand side, we show you how you are related to this person based on your tree, as well as the first degree relatives.

Hover over the person’s name to see more options, like viewing that person in your tree:


You may click “View original photo” to see a larger version of the photo from the Photo Discovery and see who else is tagged in it:


Note: Viewing the original photo is a PremiumPlus/Complete feature.


4. By default, all photos in a Photo Discovery will be copied to your tree when you add the discovery. If you’d like to exclude specific photos that you don’t want, click the check-mark next to any photo to deselect it.

Finally, click the “Add” button on the top right corner of the page to add all the photos to your tree in one click:

After adding a Photo Discovery, if you have less than 50 people in your family tree, you will be taken back to your family tree to see the new photos that you’ve just added. If you have 50 or more people in your family tree, you will be taken to the Photos section, where you can view the photos that you’ve added.

Photos added via a Photo Discovery are pre-tagged so you won’t need to re-tag the individual in the picture.

Photo Discoveries are available to all users on MyHeritage who have a family tree. Discoveries are shown in a small thumbnail format for free. Adding Discoveries to your tree or viewing the original size photos requires a PremiumPlus or Complete subscription. If you have a PremiumPlus or Complete subscription, you’ll be able to add one Photo Discovery per day. After adding a discovery, we will re-calculate discoveries for you and you will be able to come back the next day and add more.