How can I add new family tree profiles from historical records?

When a record contains information about multiple relatives, it’s possible that there’s a person on the record with no corresponding relative in your tree. You can  choose to add a new relative to the tree, growing the tree based on information found in the record.

How does it work?

After saving a record found in SuperSearch, or after confirming a Record Match, you can extract information from the record into a tree profile. For more information click on this FAQ: How do I extract information from a record into my family tree?

1) On the Extract Info page, see the list of all relatives included in the same record, below the section about the main person. Simply scroll down to the bottom of the page to see the information about the relatives.

You can easily switch between relatives who are included in the record. Use the index on the left (we have a nickname for it: the “Elevator”) to select an individual mentioned in the record and view their information. Place your mouse over each picture in the index to see their name and how they are related to the person in the record:

2) If no corresponding person in your tree is found, you will be suggested to add a new profile to your tree, or select the corresponding individual manually and copy all of his/her information into the new profile.

3) Choose to extract information to your tree for each related individual or choose to extract information for ALL the related individuals by clicking on the button under ‘Want to extract all?’.

Clicking on the ‘Want to extract all?’ button, will not only extract all information into your tree for existing persons, it also creates all new tree profiles for people that do not already exist in your tree and that are suggested to you above. It will copy all their information into the new profile cards and new profile cards will be added to your family tree.

4) Finished? Click the green ‘Save to tree’ button to save all the information.

Note: To take full advantage of the Extract info feature, a Data subscription is required.

Don’t have one? Choose from our range of options which include unlimited access to all historical records on SuperSearch.