Is Record Matching free?

Record Matching intelligently compares over one billion family tree profiles on MyHeritage to the more than 6 billion historical records on SuperSearch and automatically finds matches for you.

If we find a Record Match for someone in your family tree, you’ll get an email and see the matches displayed on your family site.

The Record Matching feature runs for free for everyone who has one or more family trees on MyHeritage.

Viewing the matches is free in extract (some information will be hidden), but viewing the full records and their scanned images or the newspaper articles requires a Data Subscription which is the same subscription used to view records on MyHeritage SuperSearch.

For more information about a ‘Data subscription’, please read the following FAQ:  What is a data subscription?

Please note, that if you have a Premium or PremiumPlus family site, you view records from the MyHeritage collections, as described in the following FAQ: Do I need a subscription to access Record Matches?

If you do not have a data subscription and wish to have one, click here to contact one of our representatives that will help you find the right plan for you.