What is ‘Matches by Source?’


‘Matches by source’ is a new way of displaying matches, found by our Smart Matches and Record Matches technologies, in the Discoveries section.

Smart Matches™ are matches between people in your family tree and people in other family trees created by MyHeritage users all over the world.

Record Matches™ match people from your tree to our collections of historical records. These can be birth, marriage and census records, books and newspapers, and more from our growing collection of billions of historical records.

The family tree in which we have found the matching individual and their details or a collection of historical records where a Record Matches has been found, is considered a match source.

In ‘Matches by source’ view you can see Smart Matches and Record Matches listed by the source they were found in.

For more details, please read here:  How do I use the Discoveries section on my family site?