What are the changes in the new Discoveries section?

We are constantly working on improving our products and helping our users get the most of MyHeritage’s technologies and tools.   

The improvements released recently in our Discoveries section include a complete overview of the presentation of our Smart Matches™ and Record Matches for organizing and reviewing matches more efficiently, and benefit from the new information found by our matching technologies to boost your family history research.  

What’s new?

  • Your matches are now organized in two categories:  ‘Matches by people’ and ‘Matches by source’:

In ‘Matches by people’, matches will be listed by the names of individuals in your family tree, for whom we found matches.

In ‘Matches by source’ view you can see Smart Matches and Record Matches listed by the source they were found in.

Both categories display the same matches but you can now choose your own way to review your matches.

  • You can now quickly save new information from the match to your family tree. The page has a new improved design for you to see easily the new information that can be added to your tree.

Now you can extract information manually from the match, and decide on what items you want to save to your family tree.

With the Extract Information option, you can not only add new data to the person’s card, but also the relatives of the person we found matches for, which will help you enlarge your family tree and add missing pieces. For more details, please click here.

  • The matches are now presented based on their value, which means that our smart tools calculate the value of the new information that you can get from the match. We believe this will help your users benefit from the matching technologies as much as possible.

For more details, please read here: How do I use the Discoveries section on my family site?

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