What is Search Connect™?

Search Connect™ is a new unique feature that allows you to connect with other MyHeritage members who are searching for the same ancestors and people as you. Collaboration through Search Connect™ can open new doors, and provide exciting discoveries about your family history.

Search Connect™ includes millions of searches made by MyHeritage members. It allows you to find other users who searched for the people you are looking for, and to view the full data of their search (such as dates, places, relatives and more), as well as similar searches they've made.

Search Connect™ results are included in SuperSearch™, MyHeritage’s powerful search engine for historical records. It is a new collection, located in the Family Trees category, and you can also search it on its own. Initially containing more than 30 million entries of unique searches by MyHeritage members, for rare names, Search Connect™ will continue to grow every week as more users conduct new searches.

A Search Connect™ result includes basic information about the MyHeritage member who made the search (first name initial and last name, gender, country) and a list of their family sites on MyHeritage. The details of the search made by the user are then elaborated.

If you find a result that seems relevant or useful, you can contact the person who conducted the search and get in touch to exchange more information.

For more details, please read: How do I use Search Connect™?