How do I change the Smart Matches settings for my online family tree?

** Please note that the Smart Matches settings are per tree, so make sure that you change them for all trees on your site.

To change the Smart Matches™ settings for your tree on your family site, please do the following:

1.     Log in to your family site. 

2.     Click on your name in the right upper corner and select ‘My privacy’. 


3.     On the ‘My Privacy’ page click on ‘Content’ under the name of the family site you want to change the Smart Matches settings for. 

4.     To completely disable Smart Matching™ un-check the option ‘Enable Smart Matching™ on MyHeritage’ and the option ‘Enable Smart Matching™ with other MyHeritage websites and partners’.

You can use the icon on the right for more details about what Smart Matching™ is.  

Note: If you have more than one family tree projects on your site, you will need to un-check this option for each of them.

5. Save your changes.

Alternatively, if you would like only to restrict other sites managers to copy your photos through Smart Matches™ from your tree, un-check ‘Allow managers of other sites to copy photos of matched individuals’.