Can I merge my Smart Matching results from another family site?

MyHeritage’s Smart Matching technology constantly compares new family trees to the database of more than 1.3 billion profiles on, to find matches and discover long lost family connections.

Members can work together to easily merge the information in their overlapping trees through the Smart Match Merge feature.

If you have received Smart Matches in your family site, please do the following to merge them to your tree:

1. Log in to your family site. 

2. Move your mouse cursor over the ‘Discoveries’ tab and select ‘Smart Matches’.


3. Find the match you want to copy information from, and click ‘Review Match’ to see the match in more detail.

4. There you will see the option to ‘Copy and Edit details’.

You can then choose to copy only certain facts, or to copy all of the information from the match. If there are photos that are available, you will also have the option to copy photos from the match. 


5. Use the little blue arrows to copy specific portions of the information in the matching tree or click ‘Copy all’ to copy everything in one go. Click ‘Save changes’ to finish.

6. You can also copy information from the consensus page (the page that aggregates data from all Smart Matches™ for that person, presenting the big picture for each person).

Here’s how the Consensus page looks like: 

If you view Smart Matches in the ‘By people’ mode, click ‘View matches’ for the selected person to open the page with the list of all matches found for this person. You will see the consensus mode on top of the page, and the results listed below. 

If you view matches in the ‘By trees’ mode, find the match for the person whose consensus page you would like to open, click on ‘More actions’ and select ‘Show all matches of [NAME]’. 

Please note that merging Smart Matches with the family tree is only available for users who have upgraded their family site or purchased Family Tree Builder Premium.

If you would like to merge Smart Matches in your Family Tree Builder, please read the following FAQ:

Can I merge my Smart Matching results in my Family Tree Builder tree?