How can I ignore Smart Matches coming from a specific tree ?

There are cases when you might want to stop receiving Smart Matches from specific family trees:

- If a webmaster has duplicate trees, you might receive duplicate matches for each of his/her trees. To prevent this, you can choose to ignore some of the trees you get matches from. This can reduce the amount of matches you get.

- If you are not interested in receiving matches from a specific webmaster, you can choose to ignore it

If you don't want to receive matches from a source tree any longer, this is how to proceed: 

 1. Log in to your family site.

2. Move your mouse cursor over the ‘Discoveries’ tab and select  ‘Matches by source’:


You will be able to see all the matches found from a specific source in your family tree.

3. Click on the  ‘Smart Matches’ tab to filter the list by Smart Matches only.

4. Click on ‘Review X matches’ to see the list of all the matches found from this specific source.


5. To ignore this source tree completely, click on 'More actions' on the upper right hand side of the list and choose 'Ignore this tree'.

This will reject all the matches from the specific source you selected and the system will remember not to send you matching from this source tree.