What is Record Detective™?

Most of MyHeritage’s technologies begin with your family tree, which is the obvious starting point for finding matches relevant to your family history. But what if you have searched on SuperSearch™, and have found a record that is a good fit for one of your ancestors? In this case, your starting point is a record, not your family tree.

This is where the Record Detective™ steps in. The Record Detective™ looks to see if this record is connected with any people on MyHeritage family trees, and if those people have matches to other people or other records. If so, then these other records are about the same person as the record that you’re looking at now. Record Detective™ goes behind the scenes to try to find other records about the same person you’re looking at, and magically delivers more relevant records to you.

All of this is done automatically with extremely high accuracy, thanks to the accuracy of the underlying Record Matching and Smart Matching™ technologies.

With the Record Detective™, records know who they are about — every record can lead to more records about the same person.