How do I save a record from SuperSearch?

SuperSearch allows you to save a historical record that you found on Super Search directly onto the profile pages of individuals in your family tree. The references will be linked to the profile page and shown in the following manner:

If you found a record in SuperSearch that you would like to link to a profile page of an individual on one of your online trees, you will be able to do so using the ‘Save Record’ button at the bottom of the record:

Once you click on the save record button, a new menu will appear asking you to choose a tree from any site you are a site manager of:

Once you choose a family tree, begin typing the name of an individual you would like to add a link for. When you start typing, the system will automatically search for the person and show you the results:

Once you choose the person to save the record to, press the ‘Continue’ button, which will lead you to the next stage of the process – extracting information from the record:

Please note, that if you click on the checkbox next to ‘Don’t show me this again’, next time you perform these actions the message will not appear and will automatically send you to the extract information page. For more details about extracting information, please read the following article: How do I extract information from a record into my family tree?

Now the record is saved to the specific individual’s profile. You can also look for the saved record at the bottom of the record page as well:


Please note:

If we found a record for you and the record was presented to you under the Record Match results, you won’t have the option to save the record, but the option to ‘confirm’ the Record match. The ‘confirm’ option automatically saves the record, for more information click here.

If you would like to save the same record to another person check the following FAQ: Can I save a record to more than one person?