What records are included in SuperSearch?

SuperSearch includes more than 6 billion genealogy records such as birth, marriage, death, burial, census, military, immigration, yearbooks and other types of records, including scans of the original documents.

Here are the categories that our records can be searched in:

Census & Voter Lists

Family Trees

Birth, Marriage & Death



Immigration & Travel


Books & Publications

Public Records

Schools & Universities

Directories, Guides & References

Histories, Memories & Biographies

Government, Land, Court & Wills


SuperSearch provides worldwide coverage with strong data collections from the USA, UK, Ireland, Australia and Canada. SuperSearch also includes MyHeritage family trees, photos and members that are public (i.e. set as public by site managers)  – altogether more than one billion exclusive records from all over the world that in most cases can only be found on MyHeritage.

There are many highlights in our data collections, such as the world’s largest collection of historical newspapers (a whopping 120 million pages), ALL the UK census records from 1841 till 1901, hundreds of millions of UK birth, marriage and death records, and many more.

We are adding new data to SuperSearch, with at least one million historical records plus one million family tree profiles added on each and every day.