Do I have to be a MyHeritage member to access SuperSearch?

It’s not necessary to have a membership at MyHeritage to access and search for the information about your ancestors in the SuperSearch.

However, viewing specific records may require you to sign up to MyHeritage and purchase a Data subscription.

SuperSearch gives you access to more than 6 billion records from around the world. It also gives you access to Record Matches for your family tree, including the ability to confirm or reject matches.

In addition, with our groundbreaking features you can now save historical records directly onto the profile pages of individuals in your family tree and extract info from records to the family tree.

Some records in SuperSearch are free (e.g. BillionGraves, Social Security Death Index) however to access all the collections, a data subscription is required.

Data subscription is different from family site subscription. Data subscription gives you full access to all collections in SuperSearch, opportunity to confirm and reject Record Matches, save records and extract info from records.

Click here to purchase a data subscription.

Note: If you have a Premium family site subscription you can access two of the four MyHeritage collections in SuperSearch: ‘MyHeritage sites’ and ‘MyHeritage members’.

If you have a PremiumPlus family site subscription you can access all four of the MyHeritage collections in SuperSearch: ‘MyHeritage family sites’, ‘MyHeritage members’, ‘MyHeritage family trees’ and ‘MyHeritage photos’.

The MyHeritage collections can’t be found anywhere else on the Internet!