How do I research my family history?

You can research your family history using in the following ways:

1. Search your family names using our specialized genealogy search engine, SuperSearch, found here.

Click here if you would like to learn more about SuperSearch.

2. Build a family tree at MyHeritage and get Record Matches. Record Matches searches behind the scenes for records from SuperSearch that match the names in your tree and notifies you when it finds a match. Record Matching is automatic for anyone with a family tree on a MyHeritage family site. Click here to learn more about Record Matching technology.

3. If you already have your family tree at MyHeritage, take advantage of Smart Matches. This unique feature compares your family tree to the millions of other family trees on and discovers family trees that match (overlap) your tree. This feature can be found in the site under the ‘Smart Matches’ section that can be reached by clicking on the Family Tree tab and selecting the ‘Smart Matches’ option, or in the Family Tree Builder software.

Click here and learn more about the Smart Matches option.

4. Test your DNA with MyHeritage and get a comprehensive Ethnicity Estimate to discover your ethnic origins, and obtain DNA Matches to find relatives with whom you share DNA. For more information, please read: What kind of DNA test does MyHeritage provide?

Good luck with your research!