How can I browse through the collections available in SuperSearch?

Records in SuperSearch are organized in groups, called collections. The Collection Catalog allows you to explore our main collections of records, browse through specific ones and discover the newest collections available in SuperSearch.

To browse through our collections, please visit or do as described below:

On your family site, hover over the ‘Research’ tab and click on ‘Collection catalog’:

On the catalog main page, you will see on the left a list of the types of collections available, and the number of collections that each type includes (e.g . the ‘Immigration & Travel’ currently includes 27 different collections).

By default, all collections listed on the right are hierarchized from highest to lowest number of records. The list shows each collection’s title, type (e.g Public Records), status (when it was added or updated) and the number of records.


To locate a specific collection, you have different search options:

1. Direct search:

You can directly type  the name of a collection or a keyword in the search bar located in the upper right side of the page. For example,  if you type ‘marriage’ and press Enter, all the collections that have the word ‘marriage’ will appear in the list and will be highlighted in yellow:


You can sort the list by date of last update or alphabetical order when you click on the default sorting in the upper right corner:


In addition, you can refine your current search by selecting a geographical location and/or a time period from the left panel:


You can always click on ‘Clear search’ at the top of the list to start your search from the beginning and reset all the filters.

2. Search by collection type

You can also browse through the different collections without using the search bar,  and click directly on a type of collection on the left hand side. For example, if you are looking for military records, select ‘Military’ to display all the collections that this category includes:


Here you can also refine your search by selecting a geographical location and/or time period on the left panel.

To learn more about a specific collection, place your mouse over the collection title to display a pop-up explanation about the source of the records.


Check the box ‘Show only collections with images’ to filter down the results to records that include images.

When you click on a collection, you are directly taken to SuperSearch where you can start looking for records in the collection you have selected. For example, if you look for marriage collections from Europe between 1700 and 1799, then select the collection ‘Spain Marriages 1565-1950’, you will be taken to the SuperSearch page where you can search for records exclusively in this collection:


To learn how to use SuperSearch and make the most of your research, please read the following article: How do I use SuperSearch?