When I print my All-in-one chart it comes out tiny. What can I do?

The All-in-one chart feature that can be found either in your Family Site in the ‘Charts & books’ section or in your Family

How can I change the title of the family chart that I am making?

Please note: you cannot change the title of the chart that you have already saved as a PDF file on your computer. You need to create a new chart and add

How do I create a chart of my family tree on my online family site?

In order to create a chart on your online family site please do the following: 1.     Log into your family site. 2.  

What are the numbers on a person’s box in the All-In-One chart?

If a person appears in more than one place in an All-In-One chart, a number will appear in his box in the chart. This may happen, for example, if you have