How do I create a chart of my family tree on my online family site?

In order to create a chart on your online family site please do the following:

1.     Log into your family site.

2.     Move your mouse cursor over ‘Family Tree’ tab and click on ‘Print charts & books’. 

3.     Select one of the following chart types:

▪      Close Family chart

▪      Ancestor chart

▪      Descendant chart

▪      Fan chart

▪      All-In-One chart.

▪      Bowtie or Hourglass chart

Please note: when you click on the chart type, you will see the visual example and the explanation of the selected type. 

4.     Select the individual whom the chart should be centered around.

5.     Select ‘Single page’ option to print the chart on one page (we recommend professional printing) or select ‘multiple pages’ if you would like to print the chart on the home printer. 

6.     Use the ‘Facts for individuals’ and ‘Chart style’ options to change things like font, color, the quantity of the facts, etc.

7.     You can also click on ‘Advanced customized options’ on the right upper side of the page for more preferences.

8.     Select the number of generations that should be shown in your chart.


9.     Click on the ‘Generate Chart’ button.

When the chart is ready, you will receive an e-mail with a link to download a PDF file of the chart. You can click on this link, open the PDF file and print the chart on your home printer.

The chart will also appear on the ‘My charts’ page under ‘Charts & Books’ section.

Use ‘Order poster’ link under the chart preview, if you would like to print it professionally using our service, or ‘View PDF’ to save a PDF file.


Note: Before making a chart on your family site, we recommend you make sure that you have personal photos in the tree for as many people as you can. It is best if the photos are high quality, high resolution, JPEG photos and if the tagged photo of the individual is large.

Try to add to your tree as many facts as possible, such as birth and death dates.