Poster Orders

Can I download my tree and have it professionally printed?

In order to print your family tree, you need to generate a chart of the tree. The best chart for printing the entire family tree is the All In One chart.

How much does lamination of my poster cost?

Lamination is only available for certain paper types used for posters. This is why you may or may not see the lamination option depending on the paper

How do I order a poster printout of my family tree on my online family site?

To order a poster printout of your family tree, first create a family chart. Please read the following FAQ for the detailed instructions on how to create

How long does it take to receive a poster ordered online?

Charts usually take up to 16-17 business days through standard delivery and 4 business days through express delivery if the express delivery option is

How can I track my poster order?

To track your poster printout, please do the following: 1. Log in to your family site. 2. Click on ‘Family Tree’ and choose ‘Print