Can I download my tree and have it professionally printed?

In order to print your family tree, you need to generate a chart of the tree. The best chart for printing the entire family tree is the All In One chart. The All In One chart includes all individuals in your family tree

MyHeritage offers excellent professional printing of your family tree charts directly from your family site with no need to save a copy of the chart and take it anywhere:

If you are using Family Tree Builder software, please read the following article: How do I print a chart that I made in Family Tree Builder?

If you are working on your tree on the online family site, please use the following article: How do I print my entire family tree on one page online?

If you prefer to take your chart to another printing service, save the chart as a PDF.

Use the PDF file to copy onto a CD, USB drive or other removable media device of your choosing to take to a professional printer.