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What is the online Tree Consistency Checker?

The new Tree Consistency Checker for online family trees at MyHeritage is a new tool that scans your family tree and identifies mistakes and

Can I add web content to my family site?

Yes, it is possible to add web content to your family site in the profile of someone in your tree. In order to do so, please follow these instructions: 1.

How do I use the Tree Consistency Checker on my family site?

To run the Consistency Checker on your online family site, hover over the Family Tree tab and select ‘Tree Checker’ in the drop-down menu:

How can I contact another webmaster?

To contact a site manager, simply visit their family site and choose the option shown  'Contact Site Manager' on the left hand side of the

What are the personalizing options of the online Tree Checker?

The  online Tree Consistency Checker employs dozens of different checks on the family tree data. In many cases you can determine yourself if the

Why can’t I see all my relatives in the Timebook?

The Timebook features only include close relative: grandparents, parents, siblings, children and grandchildren only. They do not include aunts,

What is the Timebook?

The Timebook is an annotated virtual photo album, which can be created automatically for any member of your family tree. The Timebook 

How do I use the PedigreeMap™?

PedigreeMap displays family history events from your family tree on the map. To access the PedigreeMap, please do the following: 1. Log into your family

What is the Guestbook?

The guestbook is one of the additional family site features that were available for the family site owners in the past, allowing family site members and

Can I edit and print the Timebook?

The Timebook is generated automatically using events and photos in your family tree. They cannot be directly edited. If an event or a photo in the

How can I get the most out of my family site?

When you enter your family site homepage, you can see the 'What's Next' progress bar showing you which kind of activities and actions are

Why do I get the message “add more content” when trying to make my Timebook?

The Timebook feature uses photos on your family site to create an attractive visual display. The message that you get is referring to the photos.

What is the PedigreeMap™?

PedigreeMap™ is an innovative way to visualize your family history. MyHeritage runs a process in the background that converts every place name