Invite Family

How do I invite members to my family site?

If you would like to invite members to your family site, please follow these instructions: 1. Log in to your family website. 2. Move your mouse cursor

What privileges do my site members have?

Every member of a family site can view your family trees in the family site; therefore, you should carefully consider whom you invite to become

Why doesn't it show my relation to my family members when I roll over a name on my family site?

When you add people to the family tree, their relationship to you is automatically calculated. This allows you to see your relationship to your site

How do I request membership to a family site?

At MyHeritage family sites are run by site managers and they have the permission to invite others to become family site members. Members at MyHeritage

How do I remove a member from my Family Site?

In order to remove a member from your family site, please follow these instructions: 1. Log in to your family site. 2. Move your mouse cursor over the

How do I re-invite an already invited member with a different email address?

If you have invited a Site Member to your family site and now want to invite him/her with the different email address, you should remove this member from

Can I add someone as a Site Manager of my site?

If you would like to have a member of your family website to help in managing the site, you have the option to “promote” the member to be a

How can I remove myself as a member of another family site?

If you are a member of a family site, and you wish to remove yourself as a member of that site, please follow these instructions: 1. Log in to your

How do I associate a site member to my family tree?

In order to understand the meaning of association, you should be aware that there is a difference between the members of your Family Site and the

If I make someone a Site Manager, what can they do on my family site?

When you create the family site, you become the main Site Manager. You are considered the creator of the site and you will always be the one to receive

How do I accept or reject a membership request?

If someone requested membership to your family site and you would like to accept or reject the request, please follow these instructions: 1.  

How do I edit the email address of a site member?

Email addresses the site managers have registered with can only be changed by the members themselves.   Please advise your members to take the

How do I send the password to a family member?

If a family member forgot their password to log in to MyHeritage, please advise them to create a new password for themselves, using the following

Why can I not edit a tree that I am a member of?

Many family site members help Site Managers work on the family tree by adding names and photos from their side of the family. That way Site Managers can

How can I email all my site members at once?

Often, it can be useful to send one email to all the members in a family site you are Site Manager or member of. It is very easy to send an email to all

How can I demote a site manager of my family site?

If there are several site managers on your family site, main site manager (site creator) can demote other site managers to the 'Site Member'

Can I invite two people using the same email address?

Accounts at are created using a person’s email address as the unique log in for that account. Two different accounts cannot share

How can I see what has been updated on my site by the site members?

At the moment, we do not have a tool that would show exactly which changes were made to the tree by your family site members.   When someone makes

Why are the other members of my sites not getting Calendar Alerts?

Calendar alerts are generated on the basis of family events added in the family tree. To send email notifications about family events we need to

Why hasn't my membership request been accepted yet?

Acceptance of your membership request is dependent on the Site Manager of the site you requested membership for. If that person hasn't visited his/

Can I change the details of an invited member of an online site?

If you would like to edit the details of an invited member, please follow these instructions: 1.     Log in to your family