How do I invite members to my family site?

If you would like to invite members to your family site, please follow these instructions:

1. Log in to your family website.

2. Move your mouse cursor over the ‘Home’ tab.

3. Click on ‘Invite family’.


This option is also available on the ‘Site Members’ page on your family website.

4. Once you are on the ‘Invite family’ page, you will see a list of people in your family tree that have not yet been invited to your family site.


You can also invite new members to your site that are not already in your family tree. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on ‘Invite other people manually’ link.

Enter details of the person you would like to invite and click on 'Invite'. 

Your invitees will receive an email invitation with login details, which will also include a link to reach your family site.

Important note:

Accounts at are created using an email address in order to provide a unique log in for each account.

This means that the same email address cannot be used twice, as two accounts cannot share the same log in details.