How do I request membership to a family site?

At MyHeritage family sites are run by site managers and they have the permission to invite others to become family site members.

Members at MyHeritage have the ability to view public family sites (including family trees), but the information that can be viewed is limited.

If you find a family site you are not a member of but would like to view the full family tree, you will need to request membership from the Webmaster. 

Note: In order to request membership you should have either a Premium or a data subscription.

If you would like to request membership to a family site you are visiting, you can do so by clicking on the ‘Request membership’ link, while visiting that site.


Some family websites at MyHeritage have limited access. This means that it will be closed and you will only see a login page, but you still have the option to request membership.

Please note: There are also cases when family sites are set up as ‘private’, not allowing other users request membership according to site manager’s preferences.  

You will gain access to these family websites only if you were invited by a site manager or the webmaster.