Why are the other members of my sites not getting Calendar Alerts?

Calendar alerts are generated on the basis of family events added in the family tree. To send email notifications about family events we need to understand the relationships between you and other individuals in your tree.

To help us calculate the relationship correctly, each member’s profile should be associated to the correct individual in the family tree.

In order to have members of your site receive calendar alerts for events regarding other family members on your family site, first you should associate them to their personal cards in your family tree.

To associate a member of your site to his/her personal card in your treeplease follow instructions described in the following article: How do I associate myself to the family tree on my site?

If your site members are associated correctly and they still do not receive the alerts, please verify that calendar alerts are enabled for them on your site. To verify this, click on your name in the upper right corner of the screen and select ‘Site Settings’. Then click on ‘My Preferences’. Make sure the boxes under the ‘Family Event Reminders’ section are checked and then click on ‘Save’ in order to save your settings.

In addition to that, ask your site members to make sure they have their own site preferences set to get calendar alerts. To do that they should log in to the site with their login details, and reach ‘My preferences’ page as described above. Site members will see this page showing their own preferences for getting email notifications:

If none of the above steps solved the issue, try checking if the calendar alerts accidentally reached the spam or junk folder in your email account. If they did, please make sure to mark these emails as “not spam”.