Why doesn't it show my relation to my family members when I roll over a name on my family site?

When you add people to the family tree, their relationship to you is automatically calculated. This allows you to see your relationship to your site members and people in your tree in any place their names appear on the site, as shown in the screenshot below. 

If you roll over one of your site member’s or family tree individual's names and the relationship to that person is not shown, first you need to make sure you have associated your member's profile to the family tree.

Please read the following article to learn how to associate yourself to the family tree: How do I associate myself to my tree?

If you need to associate any of your family site members to the family tree, please use the following article: How do I associate a site member to the family tree on my site?

Please note: 

For trees with less than or equal to 5000 people, you can see all relationships.

For trees with over 5000 people and less than 17,000 individuals it is limited:

* for direct ancestors/descendants you can see relationships of up to 20 degrees

* for non-direct relatives, you can only see the relationships for people that are 2 steps away.