If I make someone a Site Manager, what can they do on my family site?

When you create the family site, you become the main Site Manager.

You are considered the creator of the site and you will always be the one to receive notifications regarding changes or updates at MyHeritage, promotions and discounts on your family site and emails such as Smart Matches and Records Matches notifications.

It’s also possible to promote any of your family site members to Site Manager status, providing them with the following privileges:

1.     Promoted Site Managers are allowed to change the settings in the ‘Site Settings’ menu (except for the ‘My Privacy’ settings).

2.     They can turn off sending calendar alerts and newsletters to other site members. They can set what content other site members can view on the site and add to the site. They can do things like change the name of the site or the site URL.

3.     Check the ‘Site Settings’ section of the family site to see what can be configured there.

4.     Promote other family site members to become Site Managers as well.

If you have a large community of family site members, it can help to have more than one Site Manager so that your members will know they have more than one point of contact if they have questions.

Please read the following article in order to promote a site member to Site Manager status:  Can I add someone as a Site Manager of my site?

You can also read more about privileges that all your site members have:  What privileges do my site members have?