How do I print my entire family tree on one page online?

In order to print your entire family tree on one page on your online family site, please do the  following:

1.     Log in to your site.

2.     Move your mouse cursor over the ‘Family Tree’ tab, and select ‘Print charts & books’.


3.     On the next page you will be suggested to create a chart. 

Select an ‘All-in-one’ chart type to include all individuals in your tree to the chart. 

4.     Select ‘Single page’ option to print the chart on one page.

** If your chart is too large, we recommend you either use professional service to print your chart, or select ‘multiple pages’ if you would like to print the chart on the home printer.

5.     Select the individual whom the chart should be centered around.

6.     Use the ‘Facts for individuals’ and ‘Chart style’ options to change things like font, color, quantity of facts, etc.

7.     You can also click on ‘Advanced customized options’ in the right upper side of the page for more preferences.

8.     Make sure to select to ‘Show All Generations’ in your chart.


9.     Click on the ‘Generate Chart’ button.

When the chart is ready, you will receive an e-mail with a link to download a PDF file of the chart. You can click on this link, open the PDF file and print the chart in your home printer.

The chart will also appear on the ‘My charts’ page under ‘Charts & Books’ section.

Use ‘Order poster’ link under the chart preview, if you would like to print it professionally using our service, or ‘View PDF’ to save a PDF file.


If you build your tree in Family Tree Builder, please read the following article: How do I print my entire family tree on one page in Family Tree Builder?