How do I restore photos in Family Tree Builder from my family site?

If you are working on your family tree project in Family Tree Builder, you can use ‘Restore photos from family site’ option if you do not have all of the photo files in your project.

This may happen if the photo files were deleted from your computer or if you restored your project from a backup. If you have synced your project to a family site, you can restore the photos by copying them from the family site.

For this please do the following:

1. Open your project in Family Tree Builder program on your computer, and go to ‘Photos’ section (click ‘Photos’ icon in the main toolbar).

2. On the upper menu bar click on ‘Photos’, and then click on ‘Restore photos from family site’.

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Please note: if you deleted specific photos in your Family Tree Builder project, these photos won’t be restored using ‘Restore photos from family site’ tool, described above.

In this case please download the photo from the site and add it manually in Family Tree Builder. For this please use instructions described in the following article:

How do I download photos that were added to my site?