How do I download photos that were added to my site?

If you would like to download a photo from your family site, please take the following steps:

1.On your family site click on the ‘Photos’ tab and find the photo you would like to download.

If the photo is located in a specific album, click on ‘Albums’ on the left to see the list of the photo albums you have on your site.

2. Move your mouse cursor over the images on the page and use the ‘V’ icon on the upper-right side to select the photo(s) you would like to download. Then click on the  sign.

The photo(s) will be downloaded into a .zip file.

Note: If the photo was added to the site while synchronizing your family tree between Family Tree Builder program and your family site, and it was deleted in Family Tree Builder, you can download it from the site and upload it back in FTB. In this case, we recommend you deleting this photo from the site after you add it back in Family Tree Builder.

This will help you avoid duplicates once this photo is uploaded to the site during the next sync process between Family Tree Builder and your site.

After you downloaded the photo from the site to add it in the Family Tree Builder, follow the steps described here to delete it from the site.